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With the IT environment evolving constantly, IT professionals regularly need to understand current trends, explore new market opportunities, as well as evaluate their own position in the Market. At Hadron, we put the greatest value in taking a personalized approach with our Candidates. Based on your current experience and aspirations, we help you set your goals, discuss the best opportunities and create a path to success.

Career counselling

We discuss your career aspirations. Explore the best career options and choices with you & look at available opportunities on the Market. We also coach you on fair compensation, support you in creating clear goals and remain a supportive partner, on your way to success.

CV review

Once you share your CV, we will arrange a call to go through your Resume, together. We willl help you highlight your skills and experiences. And, help you structure your CV in a way that is clear and attractive to Employers, increasing your chances to get hired, for the right role.

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Learning and Development

We advise you on latest technology trends. Propose the right skillsets to be learned and suggest an upskilling path. Together, we influence your professional development and career growth.

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Coaching on soft skills

Besides your expertise on technical stacks, Employers are nowdays increasingly looking into soft skills of employees and candidates they want to hire. We can help you build on your communication skills, which will influence your performance at a job interview, as well as, help you on other soft skills, to increase your overall success at the workplace.

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We will support your smooth relocation into a new country. Whether it is all information about your new Employer or local regulations, critical paperwork, living conditions, culture. etc., we will provide you all necessary practical information and support.

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