Whether you are a small, midsize or large organisation, we specialise in various industries and job types to maintain as a one-stop-shop for growing your company’s Talent needs in all areas.

You will have your own dedicated Account Manager that will get to know you and your business, and with a team of expert recruiters specialised in your area, we will get the right candidates for you with a rapid response.

We work closely with our clients and tailor our services to your needs, so you spend less time recruiting and more time concentrating on your business. We are passionate about recruitment and getting it right for you.


Employer Branding The ability to attract and retain the best talent in the market is key for any organization,even more so than ever in today’s highly competitive market where niche skill sets are in high demand. A great employer brand acts as a talent magnet. The best employer brands understand the unique and credible values of their company and build this into all of their talent communications. We, at Hadron support organizations in strengthening their relationship with potential employees, and external stakeholders through the effective communication of the brand’s values, personality, culture and strategic goal, creating a strong employer brand.

Here’s what we offer:
- Pitch Employer Value Proposition
- Social Media Campaigns
- Job Fairs & Networking Events
- Employee Induction/Orientation programs
- Report with Feedbacks to get better and better everyday

Our Team of Digital Marketing & Brand Management experts are just a call away! To Create an Exclusive Brand value for your Unique Organization!

Client University and Induction Programs. Prior to any engagement, our internal team participates in training specific to your business environment. The trainer and candidates are granted access to our training materials, lessons learned and SLO reports. Sensitive information is classified as client’s proprietary. We create and retain reusable documentation.

We provide faster deployment of resources with 100% understanding of the business domain scoped during the requirement phase: team is conversant with business terminology, technology and business processes.

Artifacts are either stored in our Client University cloud repository and/or clients internal repositories.

- Develop business knowledge
- Augment skills
- Accelerate resource delivery
- Avoid costly mistakes by recruits
- Make candidates productive as quickly as possible

Permanent placements
Contract placements

It takes people—good, reliable people—to run a successful business. Finding the right people for your business takes resources, contacts and time that you may not have to spare.

The people at Hadron offer you insightful, responsive, personalized service that you can only get from a boutique firm along with valuable tools and resources that you'd expect from a larger organization.

Hadron is committed to the companies and candidates that we service, offering direct placement or contract placements and contract to perm staffing.

Managed Team Services (MTS) Our Managed Team Services offer a ready-made team of specialists who can be fully integrated into your project from day one. At Hadron, we are determined to support our clients in achieving their business goals, increase business efficiencies and gain a competitive edge in the market.

We understand that not all projects are the same. MTS can help when the right expertise is not available from within your organisation at the required time. Whether you want to develop customized application, we provide/mobilize a group of qualified and proficient software engineers who will go through a well-defined software development process starting from business requirement analysis to successful completion and deployment of the software solution. We share the management of your IT project, acquiring resources and directing them based on your priorities and goals

We provide a complete team and the right resources to plan, design, build, and test the applications following a thorough quality standard check so as to incorporate them into your business processes and system environment immaculately.

- Fast and efficient assembly and disassembly of teams.                           
- Cost effective - it implies reduction of management overhead
- Optimized usage of of highly skilled, experienced and expensive   resources.                           
- Regular updates and reporting as per your need and method
- On site/nearshore/hybrid delivery models.

Why choose us?

High Strike Rate

High strike rate even in the most complex resource needs

Deep Domain & Technical Knowledge

Global Footprint

Global footprint through extended partner network

Rapid Response with Profile Accuracy

Distinct and Time-tested Process

Personalised Services