What is Scala?

Scala is the functional and object-oriented programming language that makes Lightbend Reactive and helps developers write code that’s more concise than other options, so apps are less costly to maintain and easier  to evolve.

Scala is a program language created specifically with the goal of being a better language, improving those aspects of Java which were considered as restrictive, overly tedious, or frustrating for the developer. It introduces code distinctions and paradigm shifts which bring a much cleaner and well-organized language that is ultimately easier to use and increases productivity.

Who is Lightbend?

Lightbend is the proud provider of the world’s leading development platforms for Reactive and streaming Fast Data platforms. We are a passionate crew of technology pioneers committed to building amazing software.

Lightbend provides the leading JVM application development platforms for building microservices and fast data applications. Based on a message-driven runtime, these distributed systems deliver the dramatic benefits of multi-core and cloud computing architectures.

What we offer?

We have been part of the Scala ecosystem for many years and recently we have become an official Lightbend partner. Our acquired experience allows us to offer a variety of services such as:

Reseller of Lighbend Licenses/subscriptions

Reactive Application development

Fast Data platform and development support

Managed team services

On-site consulting programming services

Remote based programming services

Why us?
The Benefit to go Reactive

- Reduction of lines of code at least by 30/40% (easier to maintain)
- Increased productivity (individual and team) by at least 30/40%
- Better quality of code (and maintainability)
- Reduction of costs of needed infrastructure of at least 30%
- Interoperability, protection of investments, scalability in the   approach
- Data management in real-time
- Reduction of time to market
- Ready to deploy Scala resource pool

 Need help with your project?

Send us an email to  info@hadronfinsys.com