Frequently Asked Questions

About Hadron

How many firms is Hadron working with?

Our main Clients are in the top 100 companies in Europe and Switzerland, in the Financial, Pharma, Life Sciences and Manufacturing areas.

Is Hadron the sole recruiter for all these companies?

We are not the sole recruiters for all our clients. But, a majority of our clients work exclusively with us. We do not insist on tying down our clients with contracts, and remain flexible to meet their needs.

Which region/country does your website cater to?

Hadron’s main focus is recruiting people for positions across Europe.

Are jobs that offer zero remuneration posted on your website?

No. Every position posted on Hadron website is a paid one.

Will my resume be shared with other recruiters?

No. Your resume and information shared in it will not be shared with third parties.


How can I register with your recruiting firm? What are the charges applicable?

To register with us, upload your resume on the (name) page. Hadron does not charge you for uploading your resume or registering with us.

How soon can I expect to hear from you after I have posted my resume?

Hadron will contact you as soon as a suitable position for you opens up. We will also contact you if further clarification or information regarding your resume becomes necessary.

How can I increase the chances of being chosen or place?

To better your chances of getting placed soon, ensure that all information regarding your skills, qualifications, experience, strengths etc. are clearly put down in your CV and in your registration form. All information should be current and up to date.

How will I know if I am being considered for a job?

As soon as a position suitable for you opens up, you will be contacted by a member of our team. The opportunity and details regarding the same will be discussed with you.

How long will the process of hiring take on an average?

Our aim is to get you placed in the right role as soon as possible, unfortunately we cannot promise you a time frame to this process.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. You may withdraw your application any time you choose.

I can specify the region/country I want to work in?

Yes. You can specify the country/region of your preference for employment. Do note, that this will narrow down your choices of positions available.


Will I deal directly with my employers for the selection process?

No. Your selection process will be handled by Hadron.

Will Hadron interview the job candidates?

Yes, the job interview will be conducted by Hadron.

Will Hadron negotiate terms and remuneration on my behalf?

Yes. We do not believe in short changing our clients or candidates. We, at Hadron will do our best to get you the most beneficial terms and remuneration from our clients.

What methods of screening do you employ to recruit personnel?

Our screening process is simple and straightforward. We gather references from former colleagues, managers and the HR department.

Will you conduct background & reference checks on prospective employees?

Hadron will conduct only ethical and legal background checks on prospective employees.

Once shortlisted, can I contact the employer directly?

In order to ensure a smooth placement process, we advise that you always contact your prospective employer through your Hadron representative until all things have been finalised.

Do I get a dedicated point of contact?

Yes, we know how frustrating it is to be passed from one person to another when dealing with Recruitment Agencies and we give you a dedicated point of contact.


Can I post the same resume for different jobs at a time?

Yes. You can post the same resume for different job positions/titles. For best results, we suggest that you make suitable changes and give all relevant information when applying for multiple posts.

Can I update my resume from time to time?

Yes. We encourage you to update your resume whenever you have new information to add.

Will Hadron help me to update and spruce up my resume?

Yes. Our representatives will be happy to assist and answer your queries regarding your CV or resume.