Magic happens here

Hadron was born at the unique place where it is possible to find the desired encounter between our expert talent hunters and the candidates who are the best fit for our client’s projects and needs.

It is where every particle (talent hunters, professionals, clients, time and budgets) is given the same attention to achieve the expected results.

We are here to assist you

Whether you are a professional looking to accelerate your career or a company looking to drive your business growth, we are here to assist you and provide a smooth transformation.

We have been providing our “magical” kind of recruitment to our clients for over 9 years and operate across Europe as well as globally through our Talent Partners.

With offices in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the UK, and with a diverse employee background, we strive to fulfil needs of all our clients with varied cultures and languages in a professional manner.

Scala Developers and limited resources available

Our latest achievements in growth are to be selected -by Lightbend, Inc- as a reseller of subscription licenses for support and as a certified consulting partner. The establishment of our Scala Centre of Excellence (Nearshore Centre located in Budapest, Hungary) is to train and grow professionals to develop Reactive and streaming Fast Data Applications. We saw the need to close the gap between the demand for highly-skilled Scala Developers and limited resources available and now can provide a full solution for your development needs.

What we believe

We believe in People

People are the foundation of every organisation and essential to drive the growth of our business.

We like Diversity

We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds  to make our company succeed.

Integrity is important for us

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word and the actions that follow.

We are Quality

What we do, we do well and continuously strive to become better.

Partnerships and Networking

We believe in partnerships and networking which give us added value and strength to our business.

Betting for Innovation

We believe the future evolves from creativity mixed with a tech forward approach.

Our Partners